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Roger, May-Irene,            Ken, Anne, Mom, Tre,    May-Irene, Margit, Judy    I give up - too many!        Caitlin, Phonthip,

Margit, Judy                    Sue, Leik Vicki,                Roger (back), Kari, ??                                                Annie

                                       Sunny, Ray                      Charlie


Too many again!            Ray, Sue, Anne, Sunny    As before                          Kris, Vicki, Mom, Jim           Picture dudes

                                        (back), Ken, Mom                                                     (back), Hanne, Anne Lise

                                        (behind Leik), Tre, Keith


I don't think she'll            Margit, ??, Jim Vicki        Anne, Who, me?                Sharon, "Uncle", Alan

notice one little piece    Liz


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