7/15/06 Reunion

Harry and Anna - 1910 wedding picture

... at the Siders farm

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Before the festivities - Howard, Mattie and Dorothy relaxing at Carol's B&B

At the Farm (rodeo in progress)


Sherry, Verna,                 Verna doesn't believe             Sherry, Tiffany, Beverly, Lucy

Lucy, Robert                    this story!                                  "It IS much better under here!"


101 deg and                    Lucy, Sherry, Verna,                                     The only shade to be found?

 WINDY                            Beverly, Tiffany, Robert 

"See the horses?"               Howard, Laura, Dave, Paul


Steve, Lisa, Lucy,        Irene, Dorothy              Judy, Dave,                Tim, Gary, Tiffany

Tiffany, Sherry,             Verna (Ya-Ya                Sherry, Carol             "I did it - OK!  I'm sorry!"

Howard                         sisterhood!)                 "No, YOU drive."

"I double *&)@*$&$          "You see, I was a

guarantee it!"                    pretty good shot with

                                       a rifle, and there was

                                       this dog...."


Paul, Kyra, Thomas,    Howard, Tiffany,            Beverly, Audrey,            Tiffany, Lisa, Beverly,

Lucy, Julie, Shannon   Shannon, Lisa               Shannon, Gene,            Audrey, Shannon, Gene

"Now, you be careful          "You see, there was         Gary, Howard                "Whew!  It's HOT!"

with those water                this model A, and             "You see, there was

bottles!"                            there was a real bad         the Model A, and..."  

                                        snowstorm - we got

                                        stuck and had to get

                                        the horses..."


Gary, Dorothy,            Gene, Sherry, Sherry,       David, Gene, Sherry,         Krystle, Dorothy, Irene,

Paul                             Steve, Howard,                 Sherry, Steve, Howard,     Judy, Sherry, Lucy,

"Tell me about the dog    Audrey, Kevin, Carol,       Audrey, Kevin, Carol,         Robert, Rudy, Laura

and the rifle again?"        Verna, Judy                       Verna

                                    Now we're talkin'!!


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