How to Build a Kevlar Canoe

Seat Installation

Seats are constructed of closet clothes poles and ¾“ dowels.  Here’s an example of a jig constructed to assure the drilled holes (for the ¾” cross members) are parallel.  Note the dowel in the base on the far side.



And here’s what a bow seat looks like assembled.  The cross members are slit to receive a wedge (cherry, in this case).  A small amount of epoxy is placed on the cross member end, inserted into the main member(s) and a small wedge driven in.  The excess is removed with a coping saw and sanded flush.

Lawn chair webbing is woven through, folded over and attached with screws (on the underside) to form the sitting area.




The finished seat is then placed in the canoe in its final place.  A hole is drilled from the outside into the center of the dowel (1/8” pilot hole).  A 3” #10 screw is placed in each of the holes, sealing each screw head with a bit of epoxy.


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