How to Build a Kevlar Canoe

Cutting the Kevlar and applying epoxy

Prior to epoxy, the Kevlar was cut to length (about 3” long each end) and the “wedge” sections cut from both sides; bow and stern.  The S-glass for the bottom “football” was also pre-cut.


The Kevlar is then pulled back halfway and the form wetted out with epoxy.  The Kevlar is then carefully laid on the wetted form and wetted out from above.  The S-glass halves are then carefully laid out from gunwale to keel on each side.  The S-glass “football” goes on top, and everything is fully wetted again.


        Kevlar draped over mold      Mixing epoxy               “Wetting out” the Kevlar


Epoxy applied to Kevlar and S-glass (and to fingers)

We used extra slow epoxy hardener for the Kevlar and slow epoxy hardener for this S-glass.  Curing time is about 24 hours, but dry to the touch in about 6 hours.

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