How to Build a Kevlar Canoe

Gunwale Installation

The outer gunwales were clamped in place as shown.  The inner gunwales were cut at an angle on one end, then put in their final position for the other end cut. 



In this canoe, the gunwales were formed from mahogany, 3/8 x 1- on the inside and 5/8 x 1- on the outside.


#8 x screws were installed from the inner gunwale, through the Kevlar and into the outer gunwale.  At the bow and stern, a few more screws went from the outside in, and through to the other side (for strength).  All screws were countersunk.


The excess was removed using a fine tooth coping saw, then sanded flush with a random orbit sander.

Bow gunwale detail (note final epoxy coat has not been applied)

After a final, fine sanding, the gunwales received 5-6 coats of Tung oil as a finish.  Another finish could be epoxy.

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