How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - II

“Prep for #2 hull"

I stripped off the old shrink wrap, hoping to get a better fit this time.  Tom had a (great) idea to use spray-on adhesive vs double backed tape.  We did a test on the pail to see if it worked - worked fine.  You don't have much working time, however.  We did one side at a time, with a few strategically placed double backed tape strips on the keel line.  NOTE: this turned out to NOT be a good idea.

Still had  some wrinkles in the center, on the gunwale line.  The first side turned out much better than the second.  All set to go, but not enough time today for a new lay-up.

Started trimming the ends for the #1 hull.  Again, a fine toothed coping saw worked great.  We did use a tin snips for roughing the shape, then the coping saw and finally a beltsander.




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