How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - II

ôRemoved #2 Hull"

Here's what the form looked like after removing #2 hull.  As you can see, the spray-on adhesive had to have released upwards, allowing wrinkles to form (back to double-backed tape).  Regardless, it's not too bad.  There are a few wrinkle imprints on the inside, but not very noticeable.  Next time, we'll use double-backed tape for the gunwale line.  There is some damage on the form - a broken out triangular piece of drywall compound.

Trimmed off the gunwale "brutally sharp points" with a tin snips (now have a blister on my 3rd finger).  Here's one way of making sure you have a reference point.  The T-square is has one end in the "V", and the other on the gunwale.  Make a mark here and measure to some point on the bow/stern.  Flip the T-square over and do the same on the other side.  You now have a reference point.


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