How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - Solo

“Laying out the Stations"

This canoe will not follow the book's solo design.  I used the Tripper design and removed the center station (shortening it by 18 inches). I ordered my Kevlar (Noah's) ,s-glass and epoxy (RAKA). I printed out the station forms and started on the strongback. I picked up my polystyrene and drywall compound today (and a very coarse 18T table-saw blade for the foam).  I had a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" CDX in the barn for the forms.  I didn't actually start until after noon - about 6 hours worth altogether.  Here's a few pics from today's work. 

This was done on AutoSketch, printed out and taped together - a plotter sure would be handy!



Kind of had an epiphany (OK, the light bulb finally went on) - just run a wide marks-a-lot over the edge rather than trace it.  I used pushpins on the centerline, and just turned it over and traced the other side.  Put a little tape over the point so it doesn't rip.  I also did the same for the strongback line to make it easier to define.

Here's the end result - easily fits on one 4X8 sheet.  I still have to do the bow and stern profiles.


I used the strongback from my Wee Lassie II.  I trust my centerline, but not the trueness of the strongback - hence the level on the centerline of each station (it is level on the long axis however).  Each form is deck-screwed to a 2x2 (OK, half a 2x4 the long way).  Mounted the bow/stern stations and re-checked.  Had to trim the stern down about 1/2" as a result.


The form's a little short (13' vs 14'), so I had to make station 1 and 12 a little long (and move the station back a bit, enlarging it to compensate).  I temporarily nailed a full-length strip to assure the stations were appropriately spaced at the top.  All lined up and re-checked (found one station 1" off). Added some gussets to the bow and stern for rigidity and tapered the bow/stern using a belt sander.


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