How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - Solo

“Shrink-wrapping the form"

Apply the double backed tape to the gunwales (and the bow/stern extremes), then carefully lay out the shrink wrap (some help is in order here). Now that you have the shrink wrap laid out as well as you can, seal the wrap to the tape with your thumb (finger or whatever) and get all the bubbles out of the tape.


Start heating up the wrap, working from either end towards the middle, balancing out side to side to keep it even. I used a heat gun (carefully!) rather than a hair dryer. There will be some wrinkles at the gunwale line near the center – no way around that, but it will be nearly invisible at the end. One thing I missed was to go over the whole form with fine sandpaper to remove any “bumps” that might poke through. I found several sand-like grains that looked like they might be a problem. I covered them with a small piece of Scotch® tape – make sure you cut it rather than tear it off. Once you’ve got it nice and tight, rub down the double-backed tape again for security.








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