How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - Solo

“Fill coat, remove from mold"

Lightly sand the entire canoe using 60 grit, with a little extra attention on the football overlap. Use ventilation, dust mask, hearing protection, gloves and long sleeve shirt and pants. When you're done, wipe the entire canoe down to remove all dust.



Mix up a batch of epoxy – I used 15 pumps total each side (about 1 pt or 1¼ lb each side). Pour it out and roll evenly, covering the entire canoe. Then go over the entire canoe with a foam brush, which removes drips and smoothes out heavy areas. If the brush starts to skip or squeak, it’s time to quit. I spent a couple of hours on this task.






When it's cured (say, 24 hours), remove the canoe from the form (weighs 23 lbs now) and place in a cradle.






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