How to Build a Kevlar Canoe - Solo

“Sealing the ends"

Rough up the insides of each end (pretty shiny, isn't it!) for at least 3” using your sander. Cut three-four 3”x10” strips of Kevlar and two 6”x30” strips for each end.  Note that it takes a little, hard to find, special lubrication (this one's Summit Belgian White).



Have 3-4 clamps ready for each end, and mix up a batch of epoxy. I used 12 pumps for each end, which comes to about 1½ pts or 2 lbs. This evolution (including preps) took a couple of hours.




Using a fine toothed coping saw, trim both ends of excess. Using a belt sander, fair out the ends until you’re satisfied with the shape (remove any fuzz too). Wipe off dust.




Cut out two pieces of 8”x32” 6 oz s-glass. Mix up a batch of epoxy – I used 16 pumps or about 2 pints for both ends (1 pint each). It’s barely 70 deg F this morning, so I should have plenty of time to do both with one pot. Take the second set of 6”x30” Kevlar and wet out one (I used waxed paper). Apply epoxy to the stem, about 4 inches each side for the 30 inches. Lay on the Kevlar and work the edges as smooth as possible. Now lay on the s-glass, overlapping the Kevlar to make a smooth edge. I made two cuts so it would lie flat for me.


I used peel-ply this time (first attempt). We’ll see if it works. The Kevlar will bulge out on the knife edge of the stem – you have to keep working on it until it sets up. I ran out of time (off to Sioux City as Mom’s technical computer assistance – gotta love Vista) and lightly clamped some polystyrene strips on the ends. We’ll see tomorrow if that that worked. Repeat for the other end. I spent about 1½ hours on this.

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