Wee Lassie II Canoe

Laying the Cedar Strips

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As stated before, the first strip (gunwale strip) has a flat edge and a bead edge.  The bead edge is pointing up, so you can push the cove side of the next strip down on it (as Mac suggests).  Each strip has a bead of glue laid in the cove side.  I ran a 2x4 through the table saw a couple of times to get a slot to hold the strips (left).

I also ran some scrap test strips through the table saw to remove the cove, then cut them in about 1" lengths.  These will be used for nailing the strips on.  I started out with 1" #18 headed brads, then switched to a pneumatic brad nailer (again, 1" #18).  The brad nailer nails held much better, and was a lot quicker to use.  The 1" nailing blocks should be installed with the bead up (more on that later).

I used the alternating method for nailing to the stem pieces, since I wanted a slimmer water profile.  It takes a fair amount of clamping as you get closer to the keel.  1/4" staples were used where necessary between the forms.

As you get to the "football" shape, the nailing blocks can be used to hold one end of the long strip as you nail it down.  This makes it quite a bit easier to do by yourself.  I had a hard time with the football, since the WLII has a bit of a V-bottom.  I believe a better way to do it would be to do all of one side, then cut the overlaps cleanly down the middle and cut each strip on the other side to fit.  Otherwise you're trying to match up the bead and cove on opposite strips.

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