Wee Lassie II Canoe


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Once all strips are in place and set, remove the nailing blocks and nails, and all staples.  I used a small block plane to take off the major edges, then switched to a random orbital sander with 60 grit paper.  The bow and stern were faired out with a belt sander, and widened to about 3/8".

The outer stems went on next.  Very similar to the inner stems, except I used cherry strips.  Nailing blocks and the brad nailer were used to accomplish this.  I used much longer nails for this operation (2") to make sure they held well.  A bungee cord was used to hold the end down, since I went past the form for the strip.  Once the glue sets, the outer stems were planed down (carefully!) flush to the strips.  The final approach was done with the sander.

I also used Minwax filler (an epoxy product) to fill the nail holes.  Make sure you remove all the excess, because it will fill the wood pores and keep out the epoxy - very obvious after you put the epoxy on.  I had to sand it down to bare wood and re-epoxy.


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