Wee Lassie II Canoe

Epoxy and Fiberglass

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After all sanding is complete, vacuum the entire canoe to remove all dust.  Then apply the epoxy (I used a 3" foam brush) and let cure overnight.  I then sanded it down (just to rough it up) using 100 grit on a random orbit sander.

Next day, cut the fiberglass to length (barely more than the 14' for this one).  Also cut out the bias cut end pieces (2 - 3"x12" each end).  Get all your stuff together so you don't have to stop in the middle.

Now you can mix up your epoxy per directions.  I used about 11 pumps of epoxy and hardener to complete each side.  Work out the excess starting from the middle - one side at a time.  Latex gloves are cheap - use them!

Here's the completed "wet-out", waiting to tack up for the weave fill coat.

- and here's the stem detail where the two bias cut strips were laid up.  Note that they are almost invisible.

The weave fill coat took about 8 pumps each side.  I used a paint roller pan, which somehow left a lot of lumps.


Next day - sanded the fill weave coat with 100 grit to take off the high spots.  Rolled out the next coat (5 pumps each side).  This time, I just poured out the epoxy near the top and rolled it across, then down (up) the sides.  When it tacked up, rolled out a second coat (4 pumps each side).

This was the state of construction at the end of the day, 8/22/04.

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