Wee Lassie II Canoe

Sanding and 'Glassing the Inside

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On the following day, we removed the deckscrews from the forms and flipped it over into the cradle.  (Theoretically, you can remove the canoe from the forms without removing the forms).  They all came out easily except the bow and stern forms, which took a little persuasion with a rubber mallet.  At this point, the canoe weighed 18 pounds.

I first removed the excess glue and took off the high edges with a round bottomed Surform. The entire inside was then sanded (carefully!) with a random orbital sander.  Since I couldn't get the sander in the bow and stern, that part was done with the Surform and a small "Surform on a stick" (the blade for a small Surform mounted on a long handle).  I also used a straight chisel for the stempiece glue and a rasp.  All sanding in this area was done with a foam backed abrasive pad (by hand).

The keel line was cleaned up as good as possible.  I used the random orbital sander at a low speed and created a keel line.  The entire inside vacuumed, wiped with a cloth and vacuumed again.  I did not use a filler this time.  The epoxy sealer coat was then applied (took 16 pumps - lots of fill areas).  I poured it out the length of the canoe and used a squeegee to draw it up the sides.  A foam brush was used to even it out and remove the bubbles.  The second coat took 10 pumps.

This is the state of construction at the end of the day, 9/06/04.

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