Wee Lassie II Canoe

Gunwale Installation

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Finally got back on this project!  I cut the gunwales out of Luan mahogany - 3/8" x 3/4".  Sanded both sides and cut the scupper blocks per the book.  I glued on the scupper blocks (epoxy and colloidal silca), but didn't use enough of the thickening powder - kind of a challenge!

After overnight curing, sanded all sides and ran it through a 1/8 roundover bit on the router table.  Didn't do a very good job on the inside corners of the blocks, but not too bad for a first effort.  I'll try the Forstner bit method next canoe.

I then glued (epoxy and colloidal silica again) the block side (inwales) to the interior and clamped.  I did use enough colloidal silica this time - consistency of peanut butter, per the book.  Had to borrow some clamps, however.

Lastly, glued the outwales on, same as inwales.  Next is sanding


What would I do different?

This is the state of construction as of July 1, 2006.

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