Wee Lassie II Canoe

Deck, Bulkhead, Thwart Installation

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Following the book (of course!), I installed a "beam" of spruce, then glued up 4-5 1/16" strips of cherry laminations for the curved piece under the deck.  This was repeated for the other end.  The "glue" for the beam was colloidal silica in epoxy to the consistency of peanut butter.  The book says to set this 14" back.  This looked way to close to me.  The stern was set at 24" and the bow at 20".

The bulkheads were made from glued together strips (clamped).  After it set up overnight, I sanded it and then glued up some strips for the bulkheads.  This involved cutting a pattern in cardboard and trimming to fit.  The bulkheads were then sanded and a final fit made with the sander.  I chose to epoxy the bulkhead to the spruce "beam", in addition to the sides of the canoe.  The sides were roughed up a bit with sandpaper to assure a good bond with the colloidal-silica epoxy "glue".

I used feature strips of cherry, one on each side and one down the middle.  The remaining wedge was made from a 1x6" pine board split in half (the hard way) on the table saw.  I then ran the splits through a planer to make 1/4" thick boards.  The cherry strips were cut to fit, then glued down to the gunwales and bulkhead beam.  I tried numerous ways to make the knots be on the part that is cut off; succeeded in the stern but not on the bow.  After trying every imaginable combination, I realized I liked the looks of the knots, and placed them as shown (more on this later).


The "wedges" were then cut to fit and final fit with judicious use of the sander.  They were then glued (Titebond) and clamped in place.

I made up the thwart from a leftover piece of mahogany from the gunwales.  I chose to notch it halfway through, and epoxied it under the gunwales.  Keep in mind that this is really more of a backrest than anything else.


What would I do different?

This is the state of construction as of July 10, 2006.

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