Wee Lassie II Canoe

Seat and Deck Final Installation

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The seat was made from cherry, mortise and tenon as recommended.  The seat stringer was made from a piece of cedar, then epoxied into the bottom of the canoe, so the stern end is just under the thwart.

My wife graciously offered to do the caning (per the book).  The positioning of the seat was very close to the center and next-to-center forms, so I used them as a guide to trim the seat.  Feedback is the instructions are not bomb-proof (took about 6 hours, with a few "re-dos").


The decks were then covered with 4 oz fiberglass and epoxied.  I placed the name Gookooko'oo (owl in Ojibwe), and added a representation of a owl petroglyph (Washington state origin) in a Word document.  I then printed it out on a transparency sheet and trimmed within a 1/8" or so.  I "painted" the bulkhead with epoxy, laid on the transparency, then placed the fiberglass on the wet epoxy and completed the wetout.

  Installed the seat per instructions, except I didn't have a long enough brass screw (1-1/4" vs. 1-3/4").


All done (except for varnishing)!




What would I do different?

This is the state of construction as of July 22, 2006.

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