Wee Lassie II Canoe

Paddle construction

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I was unable to find (reliably) Sitka spruce for the paddle shaft.  I did find a nice piece of Alder, however.  Since it's a little more dense than spruce, I hollowed out the center with a router (1/2" round).  If you do this, MAKE SURE you don't go past the 24" on the ends - you'll need that for the blade (wonder why I emphasize this?).



The next steps are per the book.  Cut out the blade sections on the bandsaw.  There are no dimensions for the shape, so I kind of winged it.  I assumed the blade "bottomed out" at 2/3 of the 24".  It's not perfectly symmetrical, a little more cupped at the end.  I used pine for the adjacent-to-shaft strips for contrast, then cedar for the rest.  I scared myself gluing it up, as it seemed it was setting up way too fast (90 deg F).  I only put on the first two blade strips as a result.  Turns out it was just the colloidal silica behaving a little differently with this hardener (West 206 hardener with 105 epoxy, vs. 207 hardener).  I clamped up the rest two hours later (definitely set!).


I then started sanding - a lot!  I trimmed one blade to the outline that looked pretty good (used the book as a template), turned it over and made a template out of cardboard for the other end.  After trimming to shape, I then started shaping the blade.  I cleaned up the power face (50 grit belt sander and random orbital sander), trying to match both ends (approximately), then made a mark all the way around the edge for 1/4" thick.  I then worked on the back, tapering the blade from the 1/4" mark to the centerline of the back of the blade.

Before shaping            After shaping               "Finished" product. 

I also added the owl symbol to each power face, similar what was done on the bulkhead.  Only finish is two coats of epoxy (well sanded between coats).


What would I do differently?

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