07/17/05 & 07/18/05 (Monday) – Minnesota to New Jersey

07/17/05 Minneapolis

Judy and I picked Mom up at about 1230 in Minneapolis.  She had taken the tram to the main terminal, where we met her at baggage claim (cell phone tag with Judy – didn’t know where she would show up).  We went home and rested for a while, and made BLTs for supper. 

We then went to Target and K-mart to pick up a microphone (for laptop internet phone) and power adapter.  I was able to determine that laptops are designed to take voltage/frequency from 110-240/50-60, so all you need is a plug adapter.  The one I got can be used in all of Europe (universal).  We set up Skype on both the laptop and desktop and tested it (worked fine).

07/18/05 Minneapolis to Newark

Checked work e-mail and did some reading, then finished packing.

Left home about 1100, arrived 1200.  There is construction on I94 (three Crow River bridges being repaired), so went via 39-101-94-35-62.  Judy dropped us off and returned home.  We had a Cinnabon for lunch and went to the gate.  The flight is delayed 45 minutes.  Took a picture at the gate (fellow passenger) and placed on the laptop.  Tried the wireless network, but at $6.95/24 hour, decided not to (in hindsight, I should have).

We finally pushed off from the gate at 1530.  The aircraft was a 50-place EMB 145-XR (Embraer - Brazilian).  They started the engines at 1540 and sat on the taxiway for a long time.  There are severe thunderstorms on the east coast, could be up to 3 hours late.  They announced that they would be turning back to the gate, but 2 minutes later told everyone to turn off electronics and ready for takeoff.

Finally took off about 1645 with no further explanation.  We arrived without further problems about 3 ours late.  Our flight to Norway was still at the gate, so we got off the plane and got on an electric cart immediately.  We got to our gate C138 in time, but they had moved the gates – this one went to Dublin!

Got back on another cart and headed towards gate C82.  I was in contact with Kristi on the plane – they had not closed the door yet.  She called us again – just closed the door (rats).  We arrived at the gate just as they were pulling away the jetway.

They took us to the Continental service desk where I stood in line for an hour.  We got a room at the Windham Hotel and Resorts, along with seats on tomorrow’s flight.  We took the AirTrain to P4 station, then the hotel shuttle.  Very hot in the airport and outside.  We finally got into our room at 2200.  I set up the laptop and e-mailed Marit and hotel (broadband $10/24 hr).

Judy had called on the way to the hotel.  Russ was airlifted from a hospital near his cabin to HCMC in Minneapolis – brain aneurism?  Judy and Mary P drove to the hospital, and left at 1:00 AM.  He’s stable in ICU with a drain to relieve pressure.

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