07/19/05 (Tuesday) New Jersey to Oslo

We got up about 7:00, washed up and had $25 continental breakfast at the hotel.  I spent the rest of the morning on e-mail (home and work).  Mom rested and read a book.

 Marit e-mailed that everyone made it OK.  She will meet us tomorrow AM.  We should be able to get a nap at the hotel after arrival. 

I talked to Harold Pat N was worried last night that Judy did not return her calls, so she went over to our house and opened the door.  This of course set off the burglar alarm.  Harold got called to come over and vouch for her at 2300!  Just a little more excitement for the day. 

We finally left for the airport at 1300. I had asked for an extension on checkout time they gave us an extra hour.  Weather was 94 and thunderstorms expected again.  Had lunch (sandwich and chips) and used up the $20 voucher.  We had a $16 voucher we used for breakfast.

We went to C82 at 1400.  We left C82 at 1600 as it moved to C86.  I bought a new book (book 3 of the Clingfire Trilogy cant remember if Ive read it).  We moved from C86 to the opposite side to C131 at 1700.  Mom scraped her wrist on the stall latch.  Wet ones to the rescue, along with a knuckle bandage from the service center.  I picked up $300 worth of NOK at 6NOK/USD at the currency exchange.

At 1900, the board now shows us leaving at 2100 (was 2015).  At 2000, they moved the gate to C132; plane finally arrived at 2030 and departure time moved to 2130.  They finally started boarding at 2110 we got on at 2130.  I took the Ambien and they closed the door at 2140.  We left the gate at 2145 and started up under power at 2150.  Takeoff was at 2200.

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