07/20/05 (Wednesday) – Oslo

I skipped dinner and slept (mostly).  The head pillow didn’t quite work, as the seatback was not back far enough – head fell forwards.  The seats had “wings” you could pull out for your head, so that finally worked.  Breakfast was croissant and fruit.  Descent started at 1030 European Daylight Time.

We arrived at the gate at 1100, then to customs.  The agent read my name and said “Snakker du Norske?”  Nei, litt.  I’m guessing she thought I should be able to, based on my name.

Marit picked us up at the exit and took us to her house for a tour.  She then took us to the hotel (http://www.linne.no/English/index.htm), where we dropped Mom off in Sunny’s room for a nap.


We then went to the wharf for lunch with Hanna and Anne-Lise, Sunny, Kristi, Marit, Ken and self.

            Panoramas of Oslo wharf and "city hall" (click to enlarge)

Changed money at the bank – 6.5 NOK/USD and went to the Nobel museum, then city hall and back to the hotel on the train.

About 30 showed up for the reunion..  We had slivers of beef in gravy, salad, bread and blotkake.  Morton  has a lot of genealogy info on the Schroeder side.




Talked to Judy via Skype on the laptop (www.skype.com – VOIP PC to PC) and went to bed about 2230.


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