07/21/05 (Thursday) – Oslo to Lillehammer

Rained most of the night (slept well).  I woke up briefly at 0300 and 0500, got up at 0600.  Showered and went to breakfast (scrambled eggs, fresh bread, anchovies, liverwurst, marmalade, small sausages, poached and hard boiled eggs, cold cuts, caviar, and cereal were available.

I took care of e-mail (free wireless!) before we left to take the metro to the train station at 0800.  We had about a three block walk to the metro station.  We picked up the train tickets at the Oslo central station (had to ask for them – stored in the office in back). 

We went to track 19 for Lillehammer, but they are working on the tracks, so our train was a bus.  We were supposed to meet Marit at Gardemoen airport stop, but she will be on a different bus, so we’ll see her in Lillehammer.  Kristi called Marit to make sure Roger was aware of the change.  Kris picked up a SIMM (phone card for cell phone) so we would be able to call.  It worked fine, and we should arrive around 1245.                                                                                                                                On the road

We arrived in Lillehammer on time – one detour on the road.  Marit showed up 10 minutes after we did.  Gerd, Erling and Gerd Anni met us at the station.  We then took a Maxi taxi to the Motel (Bjorn’s Kro og Motell).


Lillehammer views (stadium, ski jump, our "train")

We had lunch (shrimp sandwich and beer with caramel pudding for me) with Gerd and Fjellstads.  The motel had us down for 2 double rooms, vs 3 “twin” rooms.  As they warned me when I booked them, no non-smoking rooms were available (also no internet service).  We left the windows open to air them out.

We could not check in  yet, so we left the bags and went to Maihaugen Folk Museum.  It has entire farmsteads, stavekirche, interpretive guides, etc.  It misted for a few minutes, otherwise quite nice.


After Maihaugen, we went to shop at Storgata walking mall around 1530 (took a taxi).  Finally got out at 1730 or so and went back to the motel by taxi.

Roger and Mai Irene met us for dinner, along with Gerd, Erling and Gerd-Anni.  I had wiener schnitzel and Marit provided for the wine.  Caramel pudding for dessert again!

We then went to Roger and Mai-Irene’s flat for snacks and coffee – very nice apartment.  I sent Judy and others the progress update before 2200 using Roger’s computer.  We left for the motel around 2300 and went to bed around midnight (room was sufficiently aired out by then).  Roger and Erling “ferried” us back and forth.


                                                    The "other" shield

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