07/23/05 (Saturday) – Trondheim to Bergen

We were up at 0720 – quite a noisy night with the bar below.  Breakfast was at  8:00 (classic Norwegian breakfast).  We arranged for two taxis at the desk and then went to pier 1 to the Finnmarken boat (Cruise Norway: Norwegian Coastal Voyage).  The front desk had our reservations, so no tickets were needed.


We boarded at 0945 and left at 1000.  Weather was mostly cloudy, cool with occasional sun.  We settled in at a spot on the afterdeck 7 near a window on the port (land) side.  We were allowed to pick up our luggage and take it to the cabin at 1130.  At 1230, we had a snack from the café (half of a ham and cheese croissant with poppy seed topping) and beer.


Panoramas on the way

We took Mom to her cabin at 1500 for a nap.  At 1645 we docked at Christiansund for a brief stay.

Supper (for me) was monkfish with vegetables.  Mom had catfish, sunny had reindeer, Ken had monkfish and Marit had deer.  Kristi just had an appetizer (whale!).  We also had a cloudberry-almond sort of cheesecake for dessert.


We stopped at Molde at 2040 and met with Reidar A and his sister Marit N for a while.  They will see us in Oslo on Wednesday.  Molde has its annual jazz festival on right now (http://www.moldejazz.no).  We were advised to pick up our bus tickets at this time (bus in Bergen to hotel).


We had beer and aquavit for an after-dinner libation.  I checked e-mail (service on deck 8) and went to bed.  We stopped at Ǻlesund around midnight – still light out!  It was light enough to see the dock buildings, but car lights were on.  It was cloudy and appeared to be raining again.


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