07/24/05 (Sunday) – Arrived Bergen

Woke up at 0630 and went to breakfast with Ken – quite the spread (including rullepølse)!  It’s sunny out today and the boat is making 18.2 knots (about 21 mph).  The rest of our group showed up as we were finishing breakfast.


Breakfast                Orders?                    Sailboat                                                             Villages in various coves

 En route                          "Narrows" (it really did fit)

We stopped briefly at Florø (see Florø Rorbu) at 0900 and continued on through a very narrow section at about 1100.  We also passed the mouth of Sognefjord and arrived at Bergen on time.

After we finally found our luggage in the giant pile of it, we got on the bus to our hotel.  Ours was the first stop!  We got to the HOTEL DREGGEN and left for shopping about 1530.  We checked out the fish market and I did some e-mailing from an internet café.


We took the Fløbanen train (cable car) to the top of the hill and had beer and lefsa, then went back down and had supper at the Bryggeloftet&Stuene (there are lots of pictures on their website).  Excellent Bergen fish soup and homemade bread!


Fløbanen Funicular       Bergen from the top       Snack on "the hill"   

 We shopped around for a while and stopped at Sjoboden/Bosman Pub for Murphy’s Stout.  We checked out the catamaran terminal then took Mom back to the hotel about 2130.

 We returned to the pub (Trondheim lost to Ǻlesund in "football") and had some more beer outside.  When it started to cool down, they brought blankets out for us.  We eventually moved inside.  The pub is run by 4 brothers, two of which are twins – very old, old place.  We returned to the hotel about 2330.


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