07/25/05 (Monday) – Bergen to Stavanger

Nice cool night, up at 0530.  No rain, partly cloudy and cool in the morning.  We had breakfast at 0630 (top floor of building), then left for the Katamaran Terminalen across the bay about 7:15.  Unfortunately, the offices didn’t open until 7:30.  Marit “took a number” (I didn’t see it), the stood in line for 10 min.  Of course, that was the wrong window!  We needed Flagrutten, which wasn’t open yet.  They opened just as we walked over to it.

More bad news – they show no reservation for us, no packet in the back office, etc.  Finally, we went on the boat anyway and Marit talked to the ticket agent, who said, “we have lots of room”.  (Try that in the US!).  He later gave Marit some tickets (must happen a lot), since you need tickets to get off!  I took some pictures at the Lervik, Haugeson, etc stops.  I later (as in, Minnesota) found the tickets in my backpack!

Marit checked on the Lysefjord tour – it leaves at 12:00, which is when we are supposed to arrive.  They got hold of the tour company and were going to pick us up at the terminal.  We got in at noon, hurried to get bags stashed in the terminal lockers (110 NOK) and rushed down the wharf.  We ended up outside our hotel (Skagen Brygge), and no tour boat!

After conferring with the desk, we determined we could take a shorter trip at 1500, which meant Marit could go along.  Mom stayed at the hotel and we went to pick up the bags at the terminal to bring them back to the hotel (there are NO shortcuts!).


We had lunch at Stim – excellent soup of shrimp, fish, carrot peelings, bean sprouts, water chestnut, red curry, chili powder, leeks, chives in a cream-brandy base (the chef said “you must cook with alcohol!”).



We left on the Lysefjord tour at 1500 on schedule (another catamaran - Rygerfjord).  My camera batteries are running down (the ones Kristi gave me).  We saw the heart in stone, Preikestolen (preacher’s pulpit), goats, vagabond’s cave, waterfalls, but no seals.  The music was a little cheesy (truly a tourism operation), but fun for $20 or so.



                             Entrance to Lysefjord                                  Heart in stone          Vacation area      Vagabond's cave        Falls


Hungry (fat) goats              Falls          Preikestolen         Water stop                     On the way back                           The view

We came back and walked a little for exercise, then went to NB Sørensen’s Dampskibsexpedition for supper.  Very good – blackened salmon with cabbage, pureed cauliflower, almond potatoes and beer, of course (Stavanger Tau).


Marit left shortly after supper to leave for Trondheim – very sad parting.  We walked around for a while looking for ice cream and finally found some chocolate at Mexico Restaurant (!).  Mom went to bed and we went out for one last beer (with aquavit, of course – Skipper Worse – very good!).

I bought a 24 hour internet card (200 NOK!) to use in the hotel.  Called Judy and got updated on things.  No chance for a call tomorrow.  Ken also sent e-mail, then off to bed by midnight.

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