07/26/05 (Tuesday) – Stavanger to Oslo

Got up about 7:20, washed up and went to breakfast at 0800 or so.  We met at 0900 to discuss plans.  We decided to go to Ullandhaug, a ancient farm reconstruction (1500 year old archaeological site outside of Stavanger). 

We took the 5A bus to Ullandhaug (1-˝  hour tour) and back – quite interesting.  This is a view of the majority of the buildings.  Three were reconstructed, the fourth was left for the future.

The standard way to bathe (once/week) was to dip a sheep in a tub of hot water, then bathe.  The lanolin from the wool made a kind of soap that you were able to use for cleansing.  Apparently, French “soiled doves” preferred the Norseman, since they didn’t smell.  Tweezers were a requirement of grooming, since infections were common.  Their horses were Icelandic vs fjord ponies.  Pigs were too expensive to feed, hence the sheep.  Beer and onions were considered to be delicacies.  Men and women had different heavens!


On the hill           View of reconstruction        Inside              Waiting for the guide        Sheep                    Icelandic pony

   The view from the hill (near 360)

The hotel had recommended a store for dyne covers – I bought two for Judy and Ken bought a 200x220 dyne, and Sunny bought two covers with pillowcases.  We also walked and rode the elevator to Valberget Tower (watch tower).

I tried to find the recommended SOMA jewelry shop (for amber, historically accurate jewelry), but they were closed.  We went back to the hotel (ice cream on the way) and picked up a basket of strawberries for the train ride (outstanding!).  We walked to the train station and saw the swans and lake on the way.   Marit called – the people from St. Paul that were to visit Armand missed their connection at Copenhagen and will be coming in later tonight.

We met Egil Omdal and Ellisif (spouse) at the Kristiansand stop, along with his cousin Ernst Hamre.  It was an uneventful and pleasant train ride, with some rain and drizzle along the way.  I can see why so many Norwegians settled in Minnesota.  The terrain and scenery on this ride is literally indistinguishable from northern Minnesota.

The last ˝ hour of the train ride was on the bus again, as the train tracks on this side are also under repair.  We took the T-train to the hotel and were in bed by 1230 AM.

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