07/27/05 (Wednesday) - Oslo

We got up around 8:00, had breakfast at 8:30, then took the T-Bahn to Oslo and walked up to the castle area.  As you can see, it is wonderful weather today – sunshine and breezy.  Later in the afternoon, it turned cloudy with intermittent drizzle.


We walked to the Resistance museum and spent an hour or so there.  Fascinating stories - they lived through horrible conditions (and often did not).


We toured the castle where we had a a mishap in the chapel.  Mom took a little fall on the steps (missed the last one). 


After a little rest, we walked in the drizzle to the restaurant across from the Grand Hotel.  I had a smoked trout sandwich.  We then went to a Reba-1000 (supermarket in the basement), picked some gjetöst and other Norwegian delicacies, then headed back to the T-Bahn.


Unfortunately, the T-Bahn was delayed due to traffic (U-2 concert that night!).   We finally got back to the hotel and rested for ˝ hour.  Reidar showed up at 5:40 while I was talking to Judy via the laptop.

Reidar and Marit N’s friend picked  us up in a bus and took us to Lars & Evelyn’s for sandwiches, wine, strawberries and beer.  We got back to the hotel around 11:30 (another late night).


Lars & Mom        Mom, Nine, Sunny                                Kristi, Kari, Mom,     Nine, Ken, Nick        Evelyn, Marit        Ken, Kjell, Marit,

                          Ken, Kari, Kristi                                    Evelyn, Nine                                            Reidar                Mom, Kristi, Sunny


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