07/28/05 & 7/29/05 Oslo to Newark to Minneapolis

We got up at 0630, had breakfast and took a taxi to the airport at 0830 ($100 USD).  We successfully got through customs and got our tax $ back, along with (for me) a bottle of Skipper Worse Aquavit and a bottle of Jaegermeister at the duty-free shop.

The flight was delayed two hours, which means we will miss our Newar connection (again!).  We finally started boarding at 1245.  I sent an e-mail to Judy ($8/hour!) explaining the situation.

We arrived in Newark and I had to stand in line again to get a hotel.  After a couple of hours and a one hour bus ride, we finally got to a hotel.  I got a sandwich for both of us from the restaurant just before they closed.  They must have given us all of the sliced turkey, since there was about 4 inches of it on the sandwich!  I later found out that the others also missed their flight and stayed at a different hotel.

We had an uneventful trip to Minneapolis the next day.  We went back to Monticello so Mom could nap for a couple of hours, then took her back to Minneapolis for her Sioux City connection.  Its good to be home!


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