Day 0 - 18/09/03 – Minnesota to Dublin

·        Left home about 11:40 for 3:00 PM flight via Tom’s limo service (thanks, Tom!).

·        Arrived at MSP airport at 12:45.  Due to Hurricane Isabel, all US Airways flights to Philadelphia (including ours) are cancelled.  US Airways gets us on a Delta flight to Atlanta, then on to Dublin.

·        Delta ticket agent sends us back to US Airways – Dublin flight is seriously overbooked and no chance for a standby slot.

·        US Airways puts us on a direct MSP to Amsterdam NorthWest flight (also overbooked, but we do have a reservation this time), arriving at 7:15 AM.   Two hour wait for the AerLingus flight to Dublin on 10:00 AM flight, arriving in Dublin at 10:30 AM (time change back).

·        Finally on the plane (747), but waiting for east coast passengers that were delayed and didn’t leave until about 4:40 PM.  Due to extremely strong tailwinds (thanks to Isabel), we are due to arrive only ˝ hour late.

·        Due to overbooking we ended up in business class.  Really nice – recliner seats, free drinks, free in-flight movies, hot towels, “amenities” bag (sleep shades, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste), etc.  Unfortunately, we could not get anyone to switch with us so we had to sit apart (both on aisle seats).

·        Supper was a chicken breast in cream sauce, with a smoked salmon, caviar, cream cheese and roast beef appetizer (and a glass of Chardonnay).

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