Day 2 - Dublin to Wexford

(Ferrycarrig – co. Wexford)

·        Woke up at 6:30, continental breakfast at 7:30 (sleepy wait staff).  Napped until 10:00, then packed up.  Left bags at hotel and went to pick up car.

·        Shopped our way down to the car rental place, arriving at 11:30 (supposed to be ready at 9:00).  Car hasn’t arrived from the airport yet, so sat down and waited.  Met a couple from New Jersey (you could tell); they were headed to a wedding south of Waterford somewhere.

·        Car finally arrived just after noon; a Fiat Punta.  Took pictures of the scrapes on the left-hand side.  Headed out south following the hotel staff suggestion (may have been a mistake).  One hour later, finally made it to the outskirts of Dublin on the N-11 to Wexford.  “Keep to the left, keep to the left, keep to the left”.  Note to self - move a little further right when Judy squeaks.

·        Stopped at Enniscorthy at a saddle shop and picked up a new sweat sheet for Ruby - fun talking to “harse” people.  Don’t have much of a feel where the edge of the curb is – bunged up the hubcap a little finding that out.

·        Weather – rain, sprinkles, drizzle off and on all day, clearing by 6:00 PM.

·        Made it to Ferricarig Hotel at about 5:30.  Had supper in the bar due to wedding reception.  Note to self – don’t order a black and tan in Ireland (it’s an American invention - also, see Black and Tans).

·        Very nice place – our room had a view of the Wexford harbor estuary.  No problem with waking up (between the sandpipers, cranes and seagulls!).

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