Day 3 - Wexford to Cork City

(co. Cork)

·        Full Irish Breakfast (see notes), then left Ferrycarrig and stopped at the Irish Heritage Park just down the N-11 for a couple of hours – everything from Stone Age to medieval housing.  Sun came out off and on.


·        Drove to Wexford, but everything was pretty much closed (Sunday), and we had been warned about road construction around Cork.  Wexford was a Viking settlement (Waesford = “sandy harbor” or “harbor of mud flats”), although few traces remain.  Picked up some munchies and headed for Cork City on the N-25 about noon.

·        Rained off and on all afternoon.  Stopped at Waterford (Waterford Crystal outlet) – stopped at a gas station to ask for directions to it and noticed it was across the road (blush).  Made it into Cork City around 4:00 PM.        We were lucky to get a parking spot in the hotel lot (only 22 spots).  We stayed at the Jury's Cork Inn.  Room had a view of the parking lot only.

·        Took a walk, got lost on the (many) islands.  The river Lee has about 4 channels around the islands.  I used a church as a reference point, unfortunately, there are two very similar visible churches.  Once it started raining, we stopped for directions and found the Jury’s Cork Hotel!  There’s actually two Jury’s Cork Inns in Cork City (one’s a conference center).  Finally found our way back (conference center gave great directions and a map).

·        We didn’t have much interest in walking in the rain so we ate at the Inn’s restaurant (The Arches, a chain).  Judy had a shrimp salad, I had the salmon.  Note to self – never order Cork City Harbour shrimp again (very muddy and fishy tasting).  Salmon was ok, but not worth ordering again.  As usual, the soup and brown bread were great.  Tried Kilkenny ale – nothing special, but the stout was great.

·        Tap water tastes muddy also.  Went back to our room, read for a while and fell asleep.  Woke to the church bells – sounded like the carillon was being used for practice for a couple of hours (closed the window and used the earplugs).

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