Day 4 - Cork City to Killarney

 (co. Kerry)

·        Another full Irish breakfast (for me – Judy had the continental).  Tried the black pudding (type of blood sausage) – nothing special to make me want to try it again.

·        Walked around the shops area (had a McDonald’s fix).  My watch stopped working on the flight over, so stopped at a jewelry store.  The battery is OK, but there’s a reset switch (inside the case) – reset OK.

·        Checked e-mail at a WebTalk shop (Î1.25 for 15 minutes).

·        Filled car up and left for Killarney.   Got a bit lost here and there along the way.  Rough road 1st half, then better (N22).  Showers off and on.

·        Stopped at Blarney Castle (had to kiss the Blarney Stone, of course).           



       Blarney panoramic

·        Made it to Killarney around 5:00, had a little trouble finding hotel (Foley’s Townhouse).   Nice hotel – antiques/repro appointed old boarding house on High Street.


·        Had a Pizza and mushroom-leek soup for supper (with a pint, of course).

·        Walked around shops – Judy finally found a Celtic knot bracelet, still no luck on linen.

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