Day 5 - Killarney to Bunratty

(co. Limerick)

·        Quiet night – nice bed and sheets, but took a while to figure out HVAC controls (screwy oriental symbols on remote).  Full Irish breakfast (again).

·        Walked around some more AM, left around noon on the N22/N23/N21 for Limerick.

·        Drove to Limerick, then south to Grange Stone Circle (best preserved stone circle in Ireland).  We parked at the stone fence and gate, then walked up to the gate.  There was a sign that said Î2.00 each to enter (and a lockbox).   Another sign warned that this is a working farm and you enter at your own risk.  I took out a couple of Î2 coins and a farmer came clumping across the road (big boots) and said a couple of sentences.  The only thing I understood was “Two Euros”.  Dropped the coins in the box as directed, then he took out a keychain and opened the box, removed the coins and clumped across the road again.

·        Wandered around the stone circle (said Hi! to the Holsteins), then went south on the road again, looking for a wedge tomb that was supposed to be there (never found it).

·        Did find Lough Gur (Loch Gur), an ancient (as much as 4000 year old) archaelogical site near the lake.  Only visible items are old foundations from the presumably thatch huts, evidence of a Crannog (island fortress) and a rundown castle on private land.

·        Found our way back to the road and made it through Limerick (white knuckles) to Bunratty.

·        Stayed at the Bunratty Fitzpatrick (kind of a rundown motel, complete with pillbugs, crappy view of the barrel storage area for the restaurant), a block from Castle Bunratty.

·        Ate at the Creamery Bar & Grill (pork loin and stuffed peppers with soup, and a pint of Beamish Stout).

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