Day 7 - Birr to Dublin & Home

        Up at 7:00 and quick (full) Irish breakfast.  We wanted to make sure we got to Dublin in time (worried about road construction).  A mama cat and kitten were living on the flat roof by our room.  She spent a fair amount of time playing and grooming the kitten, then leapt up into the overhanging roof soffet.  After some consternation, the kitten clawed its way up the vent and into the attic after mom!

        Loaded up the car, gassed up and left for Dublin.  There was only one slowdown, some kind of festival.  Passed by the Irish National Stud and Japanese Gardens.  Several sections of "double carriageways" (four-lane), then on to the Dublin ring (1.30 toll).

        We successfully found the John Dooley car hire and took the shuttle to the airport.  Very slow line at Bureau de Change, so we gave up and left with about 25 remaining.  The bags were manual searched at the ticket counter (and we were frisked), again at customs, and again at the jetway (watch out for Norwegian terrorists).  Had a hard time finding all the tax refund places - 3 total, and one was just a drop box.

      Got an aisle and window seat for the return - not bad!

       Pretty big mess at Philadelphia - had to carry the bags from the carousel, then back on the conveyer.  Big jamup at security.  Judy's bag had to be searched (Waterford crystal set it off), I broke the buckle on my backpack.  Tried to change eurodollars, but they don't take coins.  Didn't have to sanitize shoes this time, like we did in Norway.  They did ask if we had any meats, vegetables or fruits.

       Philadelphia to Minneapolis - got an empty seat between us, so one of us slept.   Unfortunately, the flight got called back just as we were about to take off.  Someone neglected to secure the access panel to the lavatory.   Parker limo service picked us up at the airport (thanks Jane!).  Good to be home again!

Ireland Home