The Full Irish Breakfast:

- consists of: Eggs (poached, scrambled or fried), bacon (more like Canadian bacon), link sausages (very fine grind), toast, white & black "pudding" (white is like braunschweiger, black is blood sausage), juice, tea (or coffee) and grilled tomatoes.

Automobile notes (Dan Dooley Car Hire)

·        The car (Fiat Punto) was tiny.  I frequently hit the brake and gas at the same time (and I’ve got small feet).  Your mantra should be “keep to the left, keep to the left, keep to the left”.

·        We photographed the scratches on the car when we got it, but nobody ever asked about it.  The only thing we added was some dings on the hubcaps (hard to judge where the curb is).

·        Insurance - We thought we wouldn’t need to buy the car rental insurance since we have a Platinum Visa (which covers out-of-country car insurance, but not liability).  However, the fine print on the Visa agreement specifically states “except Israel, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Jamaica”.  Beats me – maybe another Platinum card would say something different.

·        Petrol (not gasoline) varied from Î0.80 to Î0.90/liter (about $4 to $4.50/gal).  It was cheaper in the west and south than the middle and east.

·        Roundabouts (like them, but don’t know what the protocol is for a double lane roundabout).


·        What’s with the brown sugar everywhere?

·        Sweet corn in pancakes?


·        No washcloths in hotels

·        Sugar much more coarse than ours


·        No Overtaking = No Passing

·        Golden pages = Yellow pages

·        Major Roadworks = Road Construction

·        Timber flooring = wood flooring

·        One Way System = One Way Road

·        Community Alert = Neighborhood Watch

·        Chippings = Loose Gravel

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