Day 1 – Duluth to Ely, then Moose Lake to Lake Louisa


Got up at about 5:00, breakfast at 5:30 (Huevos Rancheros bake!) and left Duluth about 6:00.  Dave’s Holiday gas stop in Virginia at 7:30 was not up to the Holiday standard!


We arrived in Ely at about 8:15 and Moose Lake landing about 8:45.  We were on the lake a little after 9:00 AM, then by way of Moose Lake, Newfound Lake and Sucker Lake to Prairie Portage less than two hours later (10:45).  Had lunch at Prairie Portage and left about noon (after checking through the ranger, paying fees and license, etc.).  We noted that the ranger was quite a bit more personable than last year.


Leaving Moose Lake landing                                                                                                                        Bald Eagles on

New Found Lake.

We experienced very little wind (hot!) when crossing through Bayley Bay, Sunday Bay to Sunday Lake (130 rods), then (briefly) to Meadow Lake and lastly to Louisa Lake.  Tom was feeling pretty tough after the Meadow Lake portage (we all had those days!).  We had a hard time finding the Louisa portage, which turned out to be right next to the falls.  We passed up the falls campsite (noisy and possible traffic) and got an island campsite by 5:30.


On Sunday Bay

                                                                                                                                                                      Louisa Falls 


The campsite was pretty nice - well laid out with logs for benches, etc.  You had to be a little careful where you sat due to the sap.  We had steaks and couscous for supper, then went for a swim and to bed.



      Louisa Camp                                  The chef at work                                      Sundown

                                                              (Rice balls)

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