Day 2 – Lake Louisa to Fauquier Lake

Stayed at Lake Louisa in the morning and did some fishing.  Tom and I did a little exploring, climbed a bluff, etc.  Dave caught two nice lake trout (!).  The lake trout were reported to be not very exciting to catch.  They did not last very long on the stringer, so we had fish for lunch (quite tasty!).


Broke camp at 2:30 and left for Fauquier Lake.  This was probably a good decision, since the portages were pretty miserable.  100 rod to Arp Lake, the muskeg portage to Star Lake, short stream and poison ivy portage to Fauquier Lake. 


We had trouble finding the portage to Fauquier Lake.  Tom and Dave finally located it at the end of a narrow, shallow, mud-bottomed stream/swamp (after wandering around in a swampy meadow).  Couldn’t find a campsite at the NE end, so used the second one (nice, high campsite), arriving about 5:30.



   Fauquier Camp                          Sundown


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