Day 3 Fauquier Lake to McEwen Lake






Another fine morning.  Left camp about 8:00 and had lunch at Glacier Lake north end (after NINE portages).  Fauquier to Dumas to McEwen Creek to Rod Lake to Edge Lake to Turn Lake to Glacier Lake to McEwen (south end of island).  We met a couple on Turn Lake going the other way (first human sighting since Lake Louisa).  McEwen Creek had a couple of nasty spots, with deep (and stinky) muck, but we finally made it through.


 Fauquier Campsite       On the "road"       Tom on a portage         On the road again     McEwen Creek Lilies    Almost there


Russ probably got too much sun as he was not feeling well.  The island campsite on McEwen was great!  There were at least 4 good tent sites, one on the end of a peninsula with a nice breeze (there were a few mosquitoes), and two ditched sites cut into the side of the hill.  We caught lots of smallmouth bass, but some of them had worm cysts.  I heard a single wolf call in the night (no one else heard it).



    Smallmouth                      Campsite                       Supper's on                         Sunset           


                                                                                                                                                 (and Mars)

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