Day 4 McEwen Lake to Bell Lake


We got up at 6:15, left camp by 7:45.  We portaged through 2 falls (stopping for lunch), then to Wet Lake, then to Saganagons.  We had trouble locating the passage through Saganagons, probably due to low water (blocked narrows).  We met lots of people at the falls going the other way. 



Sunrise                                                                                                Wet Lake Falls


It was a long haul into the wind down Saganagons.  We then had a short portage into Slate Lake, then a long stream out and short portage to Fran Lake.  Poor campsites on Fran Lake, so we pressed on through a steep 74 rod portage to a small (unnamed) lake, then a short portage to Bell Lake.


Russ and I partially tipped our canoe checking out a campsite (steep and barren).  We finally camped at the second to last campsite on Bell Lake (small, steep camp with poor access for landing or swimming).  Two guys beat us to the campsite we wanted by a couple of minutes.


Beef Stroganoff, ice cream bars, Mac/Chili with pudding and biscuits constituted supper (and it was good!).


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