Day 6 – That Man Lake to Birch Lake





Breakfast was cornbread with syrup and scrambled eggs.  The day started out very windy (and stayed that way).  We started at 8:30, and after a long haul down That Man Lake, portaged 140 rods into Sheridan (a nice portage), then a short 15 rod portage to Carp Lake.


Another long haul down Carp Lake, with a (freeway-like) 30 rod portage to Birch Lake, brought us to our campsite.  We took the first one, an island.


We didn’t have much luck fishing (except Russ’ lunker) and lost lots of tackle to downed trees.  It was partly cloudy, with the wind finally dying down to 5:00.  The weather started to look (and feel) threatening. 



Baked bread, fish, green beans and garlic potatoes, with raspberry crumble desert.  It started raining right after supper, so we headed for the tents.


I discovered that my 25 year old tent leaked (can you say “A river runs through it”?).  I also discovered that a cat must have sprayed it at home when I was “airing it out” and sealing the seams.  Note to self - get a new tent.


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