Quetico Provincial Park

September, 2003

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Day 0 Monticello to Duluth - (Friday 09/05/03)

Day 1 Duluth to Ely, then Moose Lake to Lake Louisa

Day 2 Lake Louisa to Fauquier Lake

Day 3 Fauquier Lake to McEwen Lake

Day 4 McEwen Lake to Bell Lake

Day 5 Bell Lake to That Man Lake

Day 6 That Man Lake to Birch Lake

Day 7 Birch Lake to Moose Lake (and home)

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Comments on Meals


Needed tea, Tang, bacon bits, onions, more vegetables

Common dinners worked well

“Cheeses of the world” went over well

Steak – some didn’t care for it

Salsa – went over well (but needs better packing)

Turkey jerky was better than beef

How about fish chowder?


I Wish I’d Brought


Clean, dry shoes to go home in

Collapsible bucket – shower bucket?

Chair (Dave)

Longer sleeping pad

New tent

More compartments in pack

2nd pair of glasses

Dishwashing soap

Reflector oven

Bigger, lighter tarp

More Ruby Red Crystal light

Heel pads (Dave)


Plastic “Choreboy” for dish cleaning

Paper bags (shake and bake)

Firm screw top for any liquid

Sunblock chapstick

Two more people?

Velcro straps for fishing poles

Second frying pan

I Wish I Hadn’t Brought


So much bait

Warm clothes (but you never know in September)




Wire rimmed sunglasses

Tuna for lunch

So much cooking oil (for fish)

Coffee pot

Cell phone (but OK in car)

What Went Well


Card playing, books, singing

2 liters fuel was enough


What Didn’t Go Well


Canoe seats too low and somewhat uncomfortable (Russ)

Leaky tent (and smelly!)

Sayings & Quotes

TMI = Too much information

TFN = Too far north (for a “good” Holiday station)

“Arne’s a lot more gentle in bed” (when nudging a snoring tent-mate)

“My sack’s too small” (referring to the pack, of course)

Lost items


Two compasses (Arne’s & Dave’s)

One pair eyeglasses (Tom’s)

One water bottle (Russ’)

Literary references


Odyssey – Sirens

Lord of the Rings – Mines of Moria portage

Bible – 2 fish, 5 loaves


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