Quetico Provincial Park

September, 2004

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Day 0 Monticello to Ely - (Friday 09/10/04)

Day 1 Ely to Moose Lake to North Bay (of Basswood)

Day 2 North Bay to Brent Lake

Day 3 Brent Lake to Darky Lake

Day 4 Darky Lake to Thursday Bay (of Crooked Lake)

Day 5 Thursday Bay to Fall Lake

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Comments on Meals

Dehydrated hamburger was great (but too salty)

Arne will not bring power bars or oatmeal again

Bake packer worked great for baked goods!

Solar shower was an excellent addition

Chair setup (using mattress) wasn't worth it

I Wish Iíd Brought

Bigger, lighter tarp

I Wish I Hadnít Brought

Warm clothes (but you never know in September)

Power bars

What Went Well


2 liters fuel was a great plenty

Bake packer "oven"

What Didnít Go Well

Oatmeal for breakfast (for Arne)

Need a better tarp


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