Day 1, Moose Lake to North Bay
Prairie Portage - Entering Canada

Didn’t sleep well at all! Need to try a different pillow.

Went to Hardees for a last breakfast, then drove to the Moose Lake Landing parking lot. Unloaded canoes and gear, removed canoe rack and parked the car.

On the water at about 0800. Clear day, a little tailwind. Watched a lot of people go by on the canoe taxi (chartered service from Moose Lake to Prairie Portage).  Arrived at Prairie Portage about 1000. Four groups ahead of us waiting for camping permits and fishing licenses. Got our permits about 1130 (missed the officers lunch break, fortunately).

Back on the water at noon, through Inlet Bay, then Bayley Bay. Very windy (tailwind) by now. Had a difficult time trimming the canoe to run with a tailwind.  Portage to Burke Lake (84 rods). There are 320 rods to a mile, so 1 rod is about 5-1/2 yards (5 meters). All the map portage distances are listed in rods.

A 16-rod and 30-rod portage takes us to North Bay (of Basswood Lake). The last portage is one of two possible portages – couldn’t find the left portage. These two portages were very mucky/muddy/slimy/rocky.

Had a late lunch on North Bay and then paddled to the north end for a campsite. Very strong tailwind with whitecaps on the lake. Finally got the canoe trimmed properly (stern down) by taking on one of the other canoe’s packs.

Set up camp on an island on the north end. Lots of floating algae in the lake due to the wind. Went for a little swim, then cooked supper.
Distant thunderstorms early morning – we just got a little rain.

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