Day 2, North Bay to McIntyre

Woke up to baby eagle cries (for food). Windy, overcast and warm. A quick breakfast (oatmeal and cream-of-wheat), then hurriedly broke camp due to rain. As soon as we had everything packed up and in the canoes, the rain stopped. We saw the eagle and baby in a tree just as we left.

Very narrow, reed lined path out of the bay to a beaver dam portage (just dragged the canoes over).

Narrow lake (unnamed) where we filtered water for drinking, then a 76-rod portage (steep). Another 80 rod, messy portage (couldn’t find the steep one) to Isabella Lake. Met a young couple going the other way that was planning out for 5 weeks!

Short, 30-rod portage to an unnamed lake, then a 37-rod portage to an unnamed lake, then 55-rod portage to an unnamed lake, then 94-rod portage to unnamed lake, then 112-rod portage to Sarah Lake.   Cold lunch at end of portage.

Crossed Sarah Lake (passed a lovely campsite on a point, with a beach), then last portage of the day (24 rods) to McIntyre Lake.

Camped on an island at the north end of McIntyre, Long Day!

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