Day 3, McIntyre to Delahey

After breakfast, short paddle to the first portage 4-rod then 18 rod to Brent Lake.

Two short portages (20-rod and 2-rod) to Conmee Lake. Long paddle on Conmee, drizzle and light rain.

Short, 13-rod portage to the start of Death March Portages (140-rod, 288-rod, 193-rod). Ate a cold lunch before starting. Still light rain, etc.

This is a very marshy area. All of the little lakes and streams are a red color. We did not take any water from these areas.

First portage completed.

Second portage completed.

Last portage the skies opened up. Full-blown thunderstorm, heavy rains, lightning. This section had the worst of the muskeg, which is basically a peat bog. A swamp or bog in which there are many layers of decaying matter, often covered with sphagnum moss. You can sink up to your thighs in it tough to get out of (and it really stinks).

At the end, we all huddled under the canoes to stay a little dry. Temperature dropped as the thunderstorm finished.

Paddled over to the campsite on the island. Changed to dry clothes to fend off hypothermia.

One canoe went by late afternoon headed further up the lake.

Panoramic from campsite

Did some fishing, hot supper, bed at sunset.


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