Day 2  (Sunday 09/12/04) – North Bay to Brent       



Up at 6:00 with moose thundering off near the campsite (a strange sensation lying on the ground!).  Weather was 60°F and cloudy, with a SW wind that started up at 4:30.   Breakfast was oatmeal and cocoa; we broke camp and left at 7:45.



We set off up the creek, over the beaver dams into a small unnamed lake.  After a 76 rod portage into another unnamed lake, we spent an hour attempting to find the left portage into Isabelle – no joy.  The right portage (marked by rock ducks) used to be a couple of puddle jumps – one long portage this year, since the puddles were dry.


Reached Isabella about 10:00, and saw what I thought was a beaver crossing the narrows in front of us.  When it got out of the water, we could see it was a timber wolf!  That is a personal first for both of us.  A couple was on shore a hundred yards or so farther up watching – pretty exciting!

Several steep portages into and out of unnamed lakes followed (30 rod, 37 rod, 94 rod) to Side Lake.  This was followed by a steep and long 112 rod portage to Sarah Lake.  We had lunch at the end of the portage into Sarah at about 12:30.



We reached the end of Sarah about 2:00.  One group of campers was on the last campsite before the portage.  After a brief 24 rod portage (wasn’t where expected), we entered, then left McIntyre about 3:00 (a 4 rod and 18 rod portage).  2 campsites were full on Brent.  We finally got a west facing campsite about 4:30.


Saw lots of eagles during the day.  It was very windy (SW tailwind) throughout the day.  Tom saw a boat plane – waved at it and it flashed its lights.  Supper was rehydrated hamburger (too salty) with ramen noodles and Irish soda bread (bake packer, again) - almond smoothie for desert.   We caught 3-4 small bass (released). 


A fairly long day, but we made good use of the tailwind (couldn't resist!).


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