Day 3  (Monday 09/13/04) Brent Lake to Darky       



It was still windy and warm this morning (reached 85 F this day).  Breakfast was scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls (bake packer, again) excellent!  We left camp about 9:00, for a loonnnggg, portage-less haul west on Brent (two hours).  We had some scary crossings wherever there was a large north-south body of water. 


We met a party of 4 fishermen on the portage to Darky (182 rod).  They had flown in to Minn Lake, then portaged to Wicksteed, to Darky.  We had a unhurried lunch on Darky at 12:00, then left to find our campsite.  After 20 minutes of scary paddling (whitecaps, crossing wind), we reached our campsite.



This campsite, although very scenic, was a little disappointing in that it was very much overused, with lots of bits of  toilet paper spread throughout the island.  We caught a couple of small bass, which we released.  Supper was spaghetti with rehydrated hamburger and sauce - pudding for desert.  We had to put up the rain fly due to thunder and sprinkles.


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