Day 4  (Tuesday 09/14/04) Darky to Basswood


It rained most of the night (new tent worked great!), heavy at 3:30 AM, but it pretty much stopped by 5:00.  We were up by 6:00, packed up in the drizzle (oatmeal and cocoa for a quick breakfast) and on the water by 8:00.  No sunrise pictures today!  The wind switched to the west early morning.



We saw two sets of pictographs at the south end of Darky quite different compared to Agnes pictographs. 



                                                                                                        Note the rifle in this one!



We took the south 126 rod portage (quite a bit of up!) to Argo Lake, southwest (into the wind) then northeast (tailwind) to a hilly 42 rod portage to an unnamed lake with a pebble-like shore.  After a short paddle, then a 180 rod portage we came to Cone Lake at 10:30 (rain/mist the last 5 minutes, then sunshine).  We saw wolf and bear (probably) paw prints on this portage. 


We left Cove Lake, with a short 35 rod portage to another unnamed lake, then a very short portage to Elk Lake.  We had lunch on a campsite there just before noon - saw 2 fishermen go by the other way.  We could not find the 154 rod portage to Gardner Bay and ended up taking the 3 portage/pothole route instead.  The left (east) portage to Crooked Lake required a portage due to low water.  The last portage out of Gardner Bay was an easy 48 rods could not find a campsite (as marked) on the Gardner Bay side of the portage.


We camped at an island about mile to the west of the portage.  Caught 2 nice smallmouth for supper (rice and mud pies).  Great sunset - 75 F at 9:00!  I noticed a low pitched hum here (controlled burn equipment?).


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