Day 5  (Wednesday 09/15/04) – Basswood to Ely


We woke up to clouds and wind today.  Eggs and biscuits (bake packer again) made for a hearty breakfast (we would need it).  It started sprinkling as we packed up, and was raining pretty constant as we left camp at 8:00.  We made the decision to paddle out based on the weather.



We did see the pictographs on Crooked Lake, but I was unwilling to take the camera out in the downpour.  There's actually an overhang we could duck under to get out of it for a short break.




We reached Basswood Falls at 12:00 for lunch.  It was still raining, but since we had a good tailwind, we kept going.  In a hurry, I managed to take off on the 1 mile portage without my pack.  I couldn’t imagine why Tom was so far behind!  He got a good laugh out of it at least.


We were fortunate to keep the tailwind for almost the entire day, reaching Fall Lake just after 5:00 PM.  The Basswood crossing was in big waves with whitecaps, but the tailwind held up.  We saw lots of “holed up” campers, and no one on the water until the last couple of hours.  The rain gear worked quite well, although if it had been a little colder I would have needed the neoprene gloves.


We stopped at Vertins Café for supper, and got back to Monticello around midnight.  It rained the entire time until we got to Hinckley.  A lonnnggg day.


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